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Moving Supplies in Gary, IN

As a local U-Haul dealer, we rent out a number of different sized trucks and vans for our clients, as well as large moving containers that are meant to last through all different sorts of weather conditions. We have various specials for our customers on a seasonal basis. We also sell cardboard moving boxes, rent dollies and handcarts, and sell a variety of other moving resources.


We understand that moving has its own challenges. Each of these can be dealt with by utilizing the supplies we sell onsite. If you’re someone who moves a lot, you may want to consider purchasing specialized moving equipment like trailer hitches, passenger luggage compartments, and straps to tie your luggage down when you are moving from one place to the next.


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The tools we sell at Aable 2 Stowit are meant to make moving easier for our customers. We know that many moving stores will rent out their trucks and leave it at that, but we want to ensure that our customers have everything they need to complete their move with as little trouble as possible. It’s our emphasis on customer service that prompts residents of Gary, Indiana and the surrounding areas to come to us instead of other companies when it comes time to move.


We care about our clients. When you come in to rent a truck, we’ll help you discover what it is you need from us to make your move as simple as possible. Remember that in Gary, IN, there’s only one name to trust in moving care: your neighborhood Aable 2 Stowit moving company.